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We can make you a cash offer within 24 hours. We get multiple inquiries each day, so please bare with us. We will do our best to get back to you no more than 24 hours. If you don’t feel safe with providing your information online, we understand. You may call us too and we can discuss everything via call or SMS.

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We are not Realtors. We are local home investors that buys a few houses each month directly from homeowners. Our typical end clients are normally homeowners that have unwanted properties. Either inherited, or going through tough financial situations wherein there property drags them down even more. Or just want to sell QUICKLY without having to spend a single cent on repairs. That’s where we come in. We will give SELLERS an offer and we close in full CASH by the closing date they choose.

No, we will not be able to pay TOP DOLLAR, however if that’s what your looking to get, we will be able to help and refer you to the top REALTOR agents who we are proud to call our partners.

Yes, we will not be able to pay you top dollar, however our formula is based on MARKET VALUE – REPAIRS. As investors, our end goal is to make some marginal profit at the end, whether it’s a property we can FIX UP and FLIP back on the market, or to hold as a rental, or to RE-SELL. But nonetheless, we will guide you through. We will give you our market analysis research so that you know you are not giving your property away.

We understand that selling a property is not easy. Which is why we want you to know that we will give you all the facts you need before proceeding through the sell and even let you know if selling AS-IS is the right option for you.

We are currently in 2 Markets. Texas & Florida. If you have a property outside these States, feel free to reach out, we would still look into it and see if we can help you.

We are able to buy any types of properties. Whether it’s a MULTIPLEX, SFR, MOBILE HOME, Small Lots, or Acreages, Commercial. No matter what condition it’s in we would love to make you an offer!

we make great cash offers

Why Selling to Elite Property Offers is Better vs Traditional Home Sale

Selling to Elite Property Offers

✅ Competitive cash offer in 24 hours

✅ No listing, prep work or showings

✅ Skip the repair work

✅ Choose any close date from 10-60 days

Traditional Home Sale

× Risk of buyer financing fall-through

× Hours of prep work and home showings

× Manage repairs yourself

× Uncertain closing timeline


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